Tanzeem-E-Jafferi condemns killings in Nigeria

Tanzeem-E-Jafferi here has condemned the killings of innocent Muslims and arrest of religious leader Ayatullah Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky by Nigerian Army in Nigeria.


Addressing mediapersons here today, Tanzeem-E-Jafferi president Moulana Syed Taqi Raza Abedi said it was very sad and tragic event that took place in Nigeria. The leader of the Islamic Movement Ayatullah Sheikh Zakzaky was attacked by the Army men in Nigeria and killed scores of innocent Muslims and later arrested Ayatullah Zakzaky.

Moulana Syed Taqi Raza Abedi said Ayatullah Zakzaky was the strongest voice in Nigeria against the killings and oppression by terrorist organization Boko Haram. The recent attack shows the Nigerian Army was supporting the extremist terrorist organization Boko Haram.

“Ayatullah Zakzaky is the strongest supporter of Palestine in Africa and has continuously raised his voice against the oppression of Israel. Moreover, he has always raised his voice against the brutality of ISIS in Syria and Iraq”, he added. Last year, during the Holy month of Ramadhan, an attack took place during the International Quds Day Rally in Nigeria (organized by Ayatullah Zakzaky), clearly shows that Nigerian government and Boko Haram both are serving the agenda of Israel in Nigeria.


“We strongly condemn the oppression by the Army and demand that the Nigerian Government immediately release Ayatullah Zakzaky and let all the people of Nigeria peacefully practise their religious freedom”, Moulana Syed Taqi Raza Abedi said.  (NSS)