Tanya Sharma was apprehensive to experiment with look

Mumbai: Actress Tanya Sharma says she was apprehensive about experimenting with her look in TV show “Woh Apna Sa”.

In the show, Tanya is seen essaying the role of a supermodel Binny.

“When I was first told that Binny would require a unique look for ‘Woh Apna Sa’, which includes some vibrant coloured wigs, I was shocked and was not sure how to react to the situation,” Tanya said in a statement.

“To begin with, I had my apprehensions as to whether audiences would outright reject my character for that very reason. Secondly, would the wigs come in the way of people being able to connect with the character’s emotions? So, even though I started off with a lot of self-doubt, I gradually realised that people were fascinated by the wild child image and the uniqueness of my styling worked well for the character,” she added.

The Zee TV show narrates the love story of Arjun (Ssudeep Sahir) and Jiya (Disha Parmar). The current sequence focuses on how Nisha (Manasi Salvi) has managed to separate them.

Tanya has thanked her co-stars for pushing her to go for the look.

“In fact, it helped me stand out. I must thank my co-stars who were really encouraging and their feedback truly helped. Viewers have enjoyed seeing this side of Binny and have showered me with a lot of love,” she added.