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Tantriks beat pregnant woman to death near Agra

Tantriks beat pregnant woman to death near Agra

Agra: In a shocking case, two tantriks beat to death a 22-year-old pregnant woman in a village near here during an “exorcism” ritual, police said on Tuesday. Both have been arrested.

The incident happened in village Samogar under Dauki thana, 20 km from the city.

Villagers told police that the woman, who already had a baby girl, was suspected of carrying another girl child, while her in-laws wanted a son.

Two days ago, two tantriks were invited to the house. They said she was under the influence of some evil spirits which had to be exorcised. The woman was taken to a desolate spot along the Yamuna bank and sand rubbed all over her body before being branded with hot ‘chimtas’ (tongs).

As the woman collapsed, the family members fled, but villagers were able to hold the tantriks till police came and arrested them.