Tantrik sacrifices chicken inside ICU to wake dead youth up


Kota: 22-year-old Hemraj Kumar’s dead body laid in ICU, being dead for four hours in  Kota’s New Medical College Hospital,  when his family refused the doctor to take off his life support system believing the boy would resurrect, according to Indian Express.

The boy suffered severe head injuries in an accident on April 8 died.  The family brought Tantric Baba into the ICU. “The tantrik had a sword dangling by his side. Amid chants, lemons were cut in the ICU.  However, Hemraj did not come back to life. Sometime later, a man brought in a chicken and it was ‘offered’ amid chanting of mantras. This went on for four hours,” said the hospital superintendent Dr R K Meena. She also said the hospital staff did not intervene as the matter was “sensitive”.  The family accepted the dead body of the boy around 1 pm after all their efforts failed to resurrect the boy.

When the hospital was asked about any complaints filed against the family, Meena said, “We won’t file any police complaint as it was an emotional issue for them.”

No ‘ sacrifice ’ was performed said Bunty Singh, Hemrajs’s uncle denying the claims. “Some of our elders and I went to the hospital and prayed for Hemraj in the ICU. We didn’t do anything as claimed by the hospital,” said Singh, also added that Hemraj was the “most educated” among the Banjaras.