Tantrik advises parents to bury their 6YO girl

A malnourished six-year-old girl was put to death by her parents who wanted a healthy child instead of her in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad district.

According to the reports, the couple killed their child in a belief that their next child will be healthy after being advised by a Tantrik, Hans reported.

The girl was malnourished and had developed rickets said the Police.

A ‘tantrik’ is reported to have said the parents to bury the girl’s body at home and the next child will be healthy.

A neighbor had informed the Police when the girl ‘Tara’ seemed missing.

The police team on visiting the couple’s home located in Chaudharpur village found the body after they dug the ground.

According to the postmortem report, Tara died of suffocation and had been living without food or water for five days straight.

Tara’s grandmother speaking to news agency said, “We tried several medicines, but nothing worked on her and she kept getting weaker. My grandson has also developed rickets.”

The parents are yet to arrest the parents and further investigations have been initiated.