Tamil Nadu Minister says milk from private companies causes cancer

Chennai: State Minister for dairy development Rajendra Balaji on Wednesday gave some weird comments. He advised the consumers to opt for Aavin, which is a state-run enterprise as it was healthier.

Balaji then claimed that milk sold by private companies is ‘cancerous’ and causes cancer especially among children, reported India today.

“Milk sold by private companies is adulterated and that’s how it can last for days without getting spoilt. These chemicals used in the milk cause cancer among children. Aavin milk, on the other hand, is as pure as mother’s milk,” claimed Ravindra Balaji.

“Companies that are banned in Kerala are allowed to sell this adulterated milk to consumers in Tamil Nadu,” he further added. Now, not only are private entities seeing red over the move, even the common people are laughing off the statement. With no proof, his remarks seemed untrue.

“If he truly believes that private milk can cause such problems, shouldn’t he do something? I’ve been consuming milk from a private body for over 6 years now, and I don’t have any health issues,” argued Rekha, a homemaker.

Another consumer, Manish has demanded a clarification from the minister.
“This kind of a rant will unnecessarily worry parents. As a minister, Mr Balaji cannot make such loose comments,” says Manish.