Tamil Nadu: Chennai continues to reel under acute water crisis

Chennai: Scorching heat and delayed monsoon have crippled Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu with an acute water crisis.

Even though water is being supplied in small vans by the Chennai Metrowater department, the locals allege that it isn’t enough as they are facing severe water shortage in the Triplicane area of the state capital.

“Most of the water reservoirs have reached the lowest level and we are facing severe water crisis on a daily basis.

Adding up to the chaos, the borewells in the nearby areas have also dried up,” a local, Laxmi Prabha, told ANI.

While complaining about the quality of water coming through the pipeline, another resident said, “We are unable to use the water that comes from the pipeline for consumption as the quality is very poor. We don’t have any other option, but to stand in a long queue expecting those small vans to come and supply water.”

Further, another said, “Since the timing of these water vans isn’t fixed, it is very difficult for office goers, students and other people living in the area to wait until the water is supplied. The situation is much worse in here.”

Various hotels and restaurants in the city have stopped offering meals at noon due to water shortage.

People are forced to draw water from the ground illegally and over 200 motors have been seized by the Chennai Metrowater department in over a span of 15 days.