Tamil Nadu: DGP’s arrogant daughter threaten on-duty Police constable for checking the car

Chennai: Arrogant Daughter and son-in-law of ADGP Tamilselvan were reportedly caught on camera for threatening an on-duty police constable for checking their car which was parked near the Neelankarai beach.

The video footage caught on camera by the constable first shows the man on the driving seat probably the son-in-law with beer bottle placed in the cupholder in the front.

The man seated on driver’s seat question’s the on-duty police constable holding the camera: “Who are you? Why are you now checking the car? What is the problem?”

And that was not enough of flaunting and the man surprises us with his boastful statement: “Her father is the DGP. Now, what is your problem?”

This kind of threatening to on-duty police personnel expecting their father’s sitting in top influential positions to come to the rescue of their grown-up kids is what is practiced in India.

Responding to the man’s statement of mentioning DGP, the constable calmly asks, “Whose father is the DGP?” and to that the man replies, “Her father,” pointing to the woman sitting next to him.

“What is your problem now? No tell me, what is the problem? Why are you checking the vehicle like this?” the man reiterates.

The unperturbed constable replies, “Of course we check vehicles,” which angers the man even more.
The man retorts angrily and asks his wife sitting next to him to ‘make a call.’ Hearing that the constable simply replies, “go ahead and call. My name is Karthikeyan, tell him.”

The argument between the constable and the man goes on with the man repeatedly asking the constable why does he need to check the vehicle. He says, “You can come and check if I am drunk.

But why would you check the vehicle? Why should you check the vehicle?,” “You have no qualification to speak at all…” to the constable replies him there is no need to shout at him

And then the woman seated next to him comes into the picture she says, “Don’t record it. I’ll call my father, don’t record it.”

“You’ll get into trouble, do you understand? Don’t record!” she retorts. “Do not record, hello!” screaming at the constable and asks her husband, “Is this guy mad?”

The constable by now, is walking around the Ford Endeavour car recording it from all angles. The woman steps out of the car following him and asks, “Who are you? What is your name? Stop recording!”

The Constable replies, “You’re talking too much madam. He’s talking too much. I’m not going to just take whatever you say.”

“I’ll call – what is your problem? Do you want to be removed from this duty?” She then questions him, “What is your name?” and the constable turn to look at her, she is again heard saying, “Do not take photos. Do not take a video.”

“What the hell! He can’t take a video!” she claims.

Then the husband asks the constable if he’s recording it to that the woman constable also present at the scene replies yes, he was in fact taking a video.

The angry woman retorts again and asks, “Why are you shooting a video? You want to upload on the internet is it?.”

“Don’t you want your job? don’t take a video!”

The video stops with constable asking,“Why not?”

The clip has gone viral on social media which received criticism from many saying it was the constable’s fault to record it which angered the couple.

YouTube video

While many condemned the couple’s behavior, many people have also asked to why did the couple react in such threatening way is it just because of family members of top cops are beyond the law.

However, according to the sources, policemen have been asked to wear body cameras while they are questioning following the self-immolation of a taxi driver in Chennai after he was allegedly insulted by a policeman, New Minute reports.