Talks with Pakistan meaningless till it stops exporting terror: Rajnath

Nizamabad (Telangana): Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said that talks with Pakistan will have no meaning unless the neighbouring country stops exporting terrorists to India.

He alleged that Pakistan was continuing its attempts to destabilise India by sending terrorists and by violating the ceasefire on the borders.

Addressing a public meeting organised by the Bharatiya Janata Party in this Telangana town to mark ‘Telangana Liberation Day’, the Minister claimed that situation on the border had changed and that India is no longer a weak country.

“Some people say talks should be held. We are saying we can have talks with anybody but unless Pakistan stops exporting terror and sending terrorists to destabilize India, talks with Pakistan will have no meaning,” he said.

Stressing India wanted good relations with all its neighbours, he recalled that it was with this intention that heads of states of all neighbours were invited to the swearing in of the new government but one neighbour – Pakistan – never responded positively and continued its attempts to weaken India.

Stating that India is giving a befitting reply to the terror, he said this had no parallel in the country’s history. He said after killing of five Indian civilians in the border by Pakistan in 2014, he had directed Border Security Force (BSF) to give a strong reply.

“I told Director General of BSF that India believes in non-violence and hence we will not fire the first bullet but if Pakistan starts firing, nobody should be able to even count the Indian bullets,” he said.

Rajnath Singh vowed to root out the problems of terrorism, extremism and Maoism. He said India had emerged as a powerful country and no power can cast evil eye on it or threaten its sovereignty.

The Home Minister said the 13 month period from August 15, 1947 to September 17, 1948 was a dark chapter in India’s history as the ruler of Hyderabad State committed repression on people, who want to merge with India.

He paid tributes to India’s first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for launching ‘police action’ to force Nizam to merge Hyderabad State with the Indian Union.He said the credit of political unification of India goes to Patel who ensured merger of all states with the Indian Union, it was B. R. Ambedkar who brought social and constitutional unification.

Rajnath Singh also listed out the achievements of Modi government and said it was determined to build new India.