Taliban vows to escalate attack on US troops in Afghanistan

Karachi: Two days after US President Barack Obama announced to keep the American troops till 2017 in Afghanistan, the Taliban has urged its fighters to carry out intense attacks on American targets in the war-torn country.

In a statement released in Pashto by its leadership council, Taliban urged their fighters to plan out attacks to particularly hit American installations, centers and related bases, The Express Tribune reported.

The US decision neither ends in the favour of Afghanistan nor will it stop the Taliban’s ‘jihad’ (holy war) against occupation forces in the country, the statement added.

It also asserted that America will never stop invading the country and they are making false promises to mislead the people of Afghanistan.

The US Government had earlier announced to delay the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan and maintain its presence in the country till 2017.

The decision was welcomed by the Afghanistan officials as they said it showed commitment and honesty of their international partners to fight insurgency.