Taliban violence displaces thousands of families in Afghanistan

Kabul: Thousands of families have been displaced following the surge in violence amid the Taliban offensive against civilians and security forces in Afghanistan.

Due to the conflict, many displaced persons have been cut off from larger family support networks and are struggling to find shelter and take care of other basic needs, reported Tolo News.

In one instance, at least five families are living in one home in Kabul.

They have all been displaced from Kunduz due to the ongoing conflict in the northern province. The families said they are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

Ziba, a resident of Kunduz, said she has lost many of her children in recent years in fighting in Kunduz, and this is the fourth time that she has been displaced due to conflict, reported Tolo News.

“We have not seen a happy day. We have always witnessed clashes,” Ziba said.

Mohammad Hasan, another displaced person, said his home was “destroyed” in the clashes between the Taliban and the government forces.

The worst affected are the displaced children who will not celebrate a normal, festive Eid this year, reported Tolo News.

“What will our future be if peace does not come? It is a question for everyone. What will our future be? You will achieve something if you get educated. What will you do if you do not get educated?” said Sona, a displaced person.

“We don’t know when Eid is and when it is a normal day,” said Mahfooza, a displaced person.

UN figures indicated that over 270,000 families have been displaced in recent months following the rise in violence, especially in the north.