Taliban team visited China to discuss atrocities against Afghan people: Report

Peshawar: A delegation from the Taliban had visited China earlier this month to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, reports suggest.

A senior member of the Taliban said the delegation led by Abbas Stanakzai, head of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, visited Beijing from July 18-22 at the invitation of the Chinese Government.

“We have good terms with different countries of the world and China is one among them,” the Dawn quoted the Taliban official as saying.

He added, “We informed Chinese officials about the occupation by invading forces and their atrocities against Afghan people.”

The official said the Taliban wanted the Chinese leadership to help them raise their issues on world forums and help the group in achieving freedom from occupying forces.

The visit was also confirmed by another senior Taliban figure, who on condition of anonymity said that he was not authorised to speak on behalf of the Qatar political office.

So far, China has not commented on this matter.

The Taliban has been fighting against the Afghan Government so as to bring various districts under their control.

However, the Afghan security forces backed by foreign troops, most prominently the U.S., have been fighting to suppress the insurgent group.

Hundreds of people from both sides have lost their lives in the fierce battles. (ANI)