Taliban is Pak’s ‘main supporter’

Lakhu Luhana, the chairman of World Sindhi Congress (WSJ), has said that the Taliban and other extremist outfits are Pakistan’s key support.

“We believe it is a mirage if any one believes that Pakistan is fighting against Taliban and extremist forces. In fact it is their main supporter,” Luhana told in an exclusive interview ahead of the 27th International Conference on Sindh.

He denied that Pakistan was fighting against these terror groups and said that Islamabad considered them its most important allies in realising their ‘Strategic Depth’ policy.

“It is not a question whether Pakistan will be successful or not in tackling Taliban and other extremist outfits as Pakistan is not fighting against them,” he added.

Pointing out that Osama Bin Laden was living in a Pakistan garrison town for years, he said, “Now, even the representatives of Pakistani establishment do not hide their support to groups which are involved in practicing extremism and terrorism.”

Luhana asserted the impression given by Pakistan is just a ploy to get international support and money.

Talking about the recent incident in Washington where Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was heckled by a Baloch activist during his speech, Luhana said that the heckler was right in shouting about the crimes of the government in Islamabad.

“The heckler correctly shouted about the lies and crimes the Pakistani establishment has committed against oppressed nations in Pakistan including Balochs and Sindhis currently and Bengalis in the past,” he said.

“The religious outfits banned internationally have been given free hand to roam, work and spread hatred in Sindh destroying the fabric of Sindhi society,” he added.

The WSC is organising the 27th International Conference on Sindh in London on October 31.

Scholars and activists from around the world will share their views on the theme: ‘Roots of Terrorism and Extremism in Pakistan’.

The conference, Luhana said, will attempt to explore the roots of this spread of terrorism inside and outside Pakistan’s boundaries.

“We will look into how the state sponsors the extremist organizations by funding and giving them direct and indirect support and using them in its proxy wars across the border,” he said. (ANI)