Taliban deploys ‘quick reaction’ forces to the border province

Kabul: The Taliban-led Afghan government has deployed a ‘quick reaction force’ unit to Badakhshan province which shares a border with Tajikistan in order to maintain security and protect the country’s frontier, the media reported.

In its report on Thursday, TOLO News said that members of the quick reaction forces, an armed military unit capable of rapidly responding to developing situations, we’re equipped with modern light and heavy weapons.

The forces had been “trained for two months and are ready to provide security along the borders and besides local residents”, TOLO News quoted local Badakhshan officials as saying.

“Afghanistan wants to have a powerful army as other countries have,” said Nesar Ahmad Ahmadi, the Deputy Governor of Badakhshan.

“Every country has the right to have a powerful army and Afghanistan also needs to have an army that can defend its borders,” said Sher Ahmad Jawad, the head of the Vice and Virtue office in Badakhshan.

Several residents of the province have welcomed the forces.

“The forces who are trained will be effective in maintaining security in Badakhshan,” a resident, Abdul Baes Hakimi said.