Talaq for giving birth to baby girl is haram: Deoband

Deoband: Darul-Uloom-Deoband, on Tuesday declared that the practice of giving Talaq to wife just because she gave birth to a baby girl is illegal and haram. The fatwa is issued due to increase in incidents of divorce where husband pronounces Talaq to his wife when she gives birth to baby girl.

Spokesperson of Darul-Uloom-Deoband told that wife is not responsible for giving birth to a baby girl and in Islam both a boy and a girl is equal. So, giving talaq to wife just because she gives birth to a baby girl is completely unacceptable and hence haram.
He hoped that the sanctity of this fatwa would send a clear message to Muslims that girls and boys are equal in Islam.
A Muzaffarnagar-based Educationist, Shandar Gufran who also runs a girls’ school welcomed the fatwa and told that the sex ratio among the Muslims is better than the other communities and said that fatwa will clarify that in Islam boys and girls are equal.