Take steps for safe return of our students from US: Jithender urges PM

Hyderabad: Expressing serious concern over the arrest of Indian students, including Telugus and from Mahabubnagar district, TRS MP Jithender Reddy today urged the Centre to plunge into action mode and ensure their release and safe return. He raised the issue, which was causing much panic to students and the government alike. The Centre cannot delay the issue as the students are going to the US for better future by higher education and jobs. he added.

The MP said the Modi Government has to talk to the US Government for safe release of our students, including Telugus and from Mahbubnagar constituency. He deplored that the fake varsity, which reportedly trapped some 600 students by Homeland Fake University and 129 other students were arrested. The MP also told Parliament the students borrowed loans and mortgaged their assets and houses to fly to the US or other nations.
Jithender Reddy said the students were not aware of the fake varsities and were going to US and other countries for greener pastures. “Our party working president and former minister KT Rama Rao was pursuing the matter with US Consulate General Catherine J Hadda, he informed Parliament. He urged the Modi Government to avoid further delay and take steps for the safe return of the students, who should be given required succor on return, he said.