Take Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) as role model, Muslims urged

Kaduna city, Nigeria : Muslims in Kaduna city in Nigeria have been called upon to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad () in their day-to-day activities.

Sheikh Muhyideen Mohammad made the call in his lecture titled ‘The Prophet of Islam as a role model’ at the 1st Mauldin-Nabiyyi special lecture and prayers for the Ummah and nation in Kaduna, Daily Trust News reported. Sheikh Muhyideen described the Prophet () as a truthful person.

He said, “If we want our society to excel, we have to emulate the footpath of the Prophet () by saying the truth at all times because one day we will be no more and our creator will ask us what we did in the world.”

He called on Muslims especially traders to have a fear of God adding that they should not cheat one another.

On his part, Sheikh Mustapha Abdul Kareem, in his lecture, titled ‘Prophet Muhammad () as a source of leadership said the Prophet () should be the only source of guidance to all Muslims. “Our leaders of today need to emulate the lifestyle and teachings of the Prophet () for a successful tenure because leadership is an enormous task put upon a person; unfortunately, our leaders are not aware of the burden put on them by the positions that hold.”

He called on Muslims to continue to pray for leaders saying, “That is the only way the country can progress and come out of hardship.”

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror