Take up cycling to boost your overall health and life

New Delhi: Cycling is simple and easy , make it your lifestyle to stay fit. It can help you lose weight, recover from injury, and get smarter- and that’s just for starters. Some of the health benefits of cycling include muscle toning, improved cardiovascular health, and better blood circulation.

On the benefits of cycling, Ajit Ravindran, Managing Director and co-founder, Meraki Sport and Entertainment, said: “Unlike other forms of workout, the person exercising can decide the intensity of the workout and therefore, is perfect for people recovering from injuries or illness. Furthermore, it can also be built to a physically demanding workout.”

“Cycling is simple and easy and does not require special skills or high levels of physical capabilities, which makes cycling perfect for beginners,” he added.

According to cyclist Yogesh Kumar,“Cyclists gravitate to the activity for many reasons, but its impact on one’s health is undeniable.”

“Pedaling utilises some of the major muscle groups and therefore, makes for a good muscle-workout,” he said.

Cycling demands only two to four hours a week, in order to achieve general health improvement, he said and that regular cycling helps people of all age groups to attain a desirable level of fitness.

Being an aerobic activity, cycling also improves cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility, decreased stress level, decreased body fat levels, improved posture and coordination and much more.

So, go out and dive into the world of health and fitness.