‘Take care of your home before managing country’, says Nitin Gadkari

Mumbai: Union Minister for Road Transportation and Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari is back in headlines for his another surprising statement.

According to the report published in Indian Express, while interacting with former workers of ABVP, Mr. Gadhkari said that one who cannot take care of his home cannot manage the country.

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He also narrated an incident. Union Minister said, “one person had said that he wanted to devote his life for BJP and country”. Replying to him, Mr. Gadkari had said, ‘first take care of your home before managing the country’.

It may be mentioned that earlier, Mr. Gadkari had said, “People like those politicians who show them big dreams, but those who don’t fulfill the dreams that they commit are thrashed by people. Therefore, one should only commit what they can fulfill. I am not among those who show people big dreams. I do what I say, fearlessly.”