Take care of frizzy hair in simple steps

Humidity is a major contributing factor during the monsoon season and that can lead to frizzy hair for most. Arm yourself with a serum and hair masque to keep frizziness at bay, say experts.

Hairstylists Laksh Singh and Aasif Ahmed have rolled out simple steps:

* To ensure hair is frizz-free and manageable, avoid straightening your hair often. Wash your hair from roots to tips with a good shampoo followed by a conditioner and apply a serum to the moist hair, especially if your hair is frizzy. Use a hair masque which helps cutting frizz and gives your hair a good shine.

* Unless you sport a pixie or a bob cut, you will have nothing to complain about the rainy season. But if you have anywhere from middle-length to long hair, you will dread monsoon. You can neither avoid humidity nor the frizz that tags along.

If your hair is entangled in such woes, then it is time to give your strands a stylish yet practical twist this season.

Easy hairstyles like side braided pony tail, a top knot, sleek back low pony, fishtails, ponytails and plaited buns work well.

* Oil your hair with warm coconut oil followed by shampoo and conditioner. Hair masques help and a good quality serum ensures no frizz. Avoid putting too much spray as it aggravates the problem. Don’t keep oil overnight.

A wide tooth comb to de-tangle hair is recommended. Wash hair three times a week.

* Diet plays a very important role in hair care as it helps in protecting the hair and also strengthening the hair follicles. Do not eat oily and spicy food.

* Avoid leaving long hair open as it looks messy and frizzy. A regular hair trim is a must to keep the hair healthy in monsoon.

* Too much of experimenting with hair colour should be avoided.