“Take Care of your dead cows and return our lands” – Dalit leaders in Gujarat demand

Hyderabad: Jagnish Mewani, a dalit leader of Sujarat which talking to newsman after his visits Azamgarh, Varanasi and Ghazipur told that the Dalits no longer can tolerate inhuman treatment like animals and they want justice to be done. He further told that Dalits have decided to handover dead cows to their owners. They are demanding to get back their lands. They want to concentrate now on agriculture. He further told that 20 thousand Dalits have refused to the move the hides of death cows. More Dalits are following their footsteps.

He recalled that in 2012, three Dalits were shot dead. After the Una incident, the protest has spread to far off places. He informed that he would bring together all the likeminded parties to expose Gujarat’s Development model so that the reality of lofty and false slogans should be known to the people. He also mentioned that the slogan “Vibrant Gujarat” has evoked the aspirations of the people of Gujarat but the reality is quite different.

Mentioning the backward situation of the Muslims, Mr. Mewani told that they are forced to live in dirty places. He further told that the movement of awakening of Dalits is getting support from America, Germany and Britain. He mentioned that if police protection is taken away, the capitalist and Jagirdari System with the help of BJP will destroy Dalits. He lamented that Dalit workers are not getting even 50% of the wages in Agriculture sector whereas corporate are being encouraged.

–Siasat News