Taj Mahal: UP Govt files draft on protection and preservation

Earlier this month the Supreme Court slammed the central government and its authorities for their laziness in taking steps to protect the Taj Mahal, The court expressed anger over the UP government’s failure to come out with a vision document to preserve and protect the Taj and had also asked for details on what the center has done.

In a response to that, The Uttar Pradesh Government filed the first draft report of vision document this morning on protection and preservation of Taj Mahal in SC.

The Uttar Pradesh government told the apex court that the entire Taj Mahal area with some perceived boundaries should be declared a no-plastic zone. The use of bottled water inside should also be prohibited. Moreover, the draft also suggested that roads along Yamuna riverfront should be planned so traffic is limited and pedestrian movement is encouraged.

The government in its draft said that to counter the pollution it needs to take some sharp steps like Sealing polluting factories, no-plastic zone, and a ban on construction activity on Yamuna floodplain. These are the plans on implementing to ensure the protection and preservation of the Taj Mahal.