Taiwan witnesses the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests

Taiwan: Taiwan witnessed the Yellow vest protest as the anti-tax demonstrators took to streets and the movement inspired by the French protest is expected to continue on Saturday.

According to CNN, the supporters of the Taiwanese Tax and Legal Reform League, wearing the trademark ‘gilet jaunes’ (yellow vest) marched on Taiwan’s Presidential Office in the capital city of Taipei on Wednesday.

The march was aimed at pressurising the Taiwanese government to make the tax system more transparent, stated a league spokesperson Wang. The Yellow vest also demonstrated against the Ministry of Finance for the unfair policy of levying taxes and for delaying the implementation of tax exemption arrangements.

CNN quoted Wang as saying, “We were touched by the French movement, and decided to go to the streets in yellow vests. We hope that (Taiwanese President) Tsai Ing-wen will listen to people’s grievances and give concessions just like Emmanuel Macron did.”
Saturday’s protest will be held outside the Ministry of Finance.