Taiwan sends jets as 19 Chinese aircraft enter its air defence zone

Taipei: Taiwan on Sunday scrambled its jets soon after nearly 19 Chinese aircraft entered its air defence identification zone, the country’s defence ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence said in a tweet, “19 PLA aircraft (Y-8 ASW, H-6*4, J-16*10 and SU-30*4) entered #Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone on September 5, 2021.”

The Chinese jets included one Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft, four H-6, 10 J-16 and four Su Kai-30 aircraft.

Soon after the Chinese aircraft’s activities were detected, Taiwan dispatched air patrol troops to respond, the ministry said adding that an anti-aircraft missile system was also tracking and monitoring the Chinese activity.

On Saturday, four Chinese jets had entered the country’s air defence identification zone.

Taking to Twitter, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said on Saturday, “4 PLA aircraft (JH-7*2 and Y-8 ASW*2) entered #Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ on September 4, 2021.”

Taiwan scrambled combat air patrol and deployed air defense missile systems to monitor the activity.

Beijing has been rigorously violating Taiwan’s border as it claims full sovereignty over Taiwan, a democracy of almost 24 million people located off the southeastern coast of mainland China, despite the fact that the two sides have been governed separately for more than seven decades.