Taimur issue: Find out Digvijay Singh’s view

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader, Digvijay Singh on Friday congratulated to Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

He said that ‘Taimur’ is a nice name and that the couple has a right to name their baby without any objection from any front.

Digvijay Singh tweeted, “Congratulations to Saif and Kareena. What is this unnecessary controversy about their son named as Taimur? I feel it is a nice name. The hysteria over Bollywood’s baby Taimur shows that critics just don’t understand India’s medieval history.”

He also said, “I feel they have a right to name their son and no one should object to it. Those who object may take a walk”

Digvijay Singh also share a link to the news of Rishi Kapoor.