Watch: ‘We are very close to Ahmadiyya community’-Modi to Qadiyani head in Israel

TEL AVIV: PM Modi’s over excitement while meeting the head of the Ahmadiyya (Qadiyani) Community in Israel has something to say.

The Qadiyani leader thanked visiting Indian Prime Minister for the support offered to them in India.

‘We are very close to Ahmadiyya community’- Modi

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu introduced the Indian leader to the religious heads in the country, the head of the Ahmadiyya Community said,

“We want to thank you for helping our community in India. Thank you very much.”

PM Modi in response to the Qadiyani head can be heard as saying, “We are very close to Ahmadiyya community.”

However, Qadiyanis declared as not Muslims or heretics.

Other religious leaders also greeted Prime Minister Modi and welcomed him to the country. Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday arrived at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv where he was received by his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu in a special gesture.

Prime Minister Modi is the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel.