Onion prices to rise further by 10% on tight supplies; unseasonal rains affecting crops

Mumbai: Onion prices, which are already ruling at around Rs 80 per kg in most parts of the country, are likely to increase further by 10% on tight supplies due to unseasonal rains affecting the crops.

“The situation is going to be more critical in future and we expect the price will go up by another 10% in the coming days because the current crop, which is expected to hit the market next month, might be affected due to scanty rainfall,” Bombay APMC Director Ashok Valunj told PTI here.

Onions imported from Pakistan are already in the market and the lot from Egypt would hit the market next week, he said, but added that this would not help much in bringing down the prices.

“The 100-200 containers, 30 tonne each, of onions imported will be distributed in the entire country. Mumbai itself needs 80-100 trucks daily, each containing 12 tonnes.