Taapsee Pannu shot for Pink with a cold

Actress Taapsee Pannu says she had to “keep the cold” for a few scenes in the forthcoming film Pink. She says while filming a scene, set in a courtroom, Taapsee was caught by a viral bug and was under heavy medication.

She even requested her production team, especially the film’s co-producer Shoojit Sircar, to allow her to dub her voice later.

But the producer strongly felt that the illness would add more authenticity to her role of a woman on trial.For those scenes, Taapsee had to look pale and sound tired.

Recounting the experience, Taapsee said in a statement: “It sounded funny to me at first when Shoojit sir asked me to keep the cold. My parents were visiting me at that time and they were even more stunned at this requirement of the role.”
“I went with it and all my court scenes were done with heavy viral infection. Hope it helps people feel what we wanted them to feel.” Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary, the film was shot in Mumbai and Delhi. It is all set to release on September 16.

Taapsee who has been receiving a rave response for the trailer of Pink found motivation for her emotionally invigorating role in the forthcoming movie in a performance by international singer Lady Gaga.

In Pink, Taapsee plays the role of a girl who fights for justice for her and her friends. So while shooting for the movie, it was essential for her to have the feel and the pain required for the role. In order to cope with it, she found inspiration in Gaga’s act at the Academy Awards 2016.