Taapsee, Malaika urge women to take up self-defence

Mumbai: Actresses Taapsee Pannu and Malaika Arora on International Women’s Day have encouraged women to be strong and take up self-defence classes to protect themselves and feel empowered.

Taapsee, who has featured in strong roles in films like “Pink” and “Naam Shabana’, is associated with #StandStrong – Women’s Horlicks latest digital campaign to encourage women to take up self-defence

Taapsee said: “Women are breaking out from boundaries today and while they do that their bodies need to keep up. With the right nutritional support offered by Women’s Horlicks we all can equip our bodies with the physical strength to be able to take care of ourselves. I have always inspired women to take up self-defence which can instil confidence in women to tackle any situation should it arise when one’s own security is being threatened.

“I think a change always starts with small steps and through the #StandStrong campaign, I urge all women to empower themselves with self-defence for a stronger you.”

Malaika has spoken out in support of Reebok’s ‘Bruises can be good’ experiment.

“Today women have risen beyond the ordinary and made a strong mark for themselves in every role they undertake. Boundaries and walls no longer limit our spirit and strength. In fact, they are a stimulus to undo the status quo.

“‘Bruises are good’ is a strong stance on women empowerment. It redefines our lens of viewing gender roles and show how determined women are in today’s day and age. I have always been a supporter of women empowerment and more importantly women standing up and rooting for each other. This Women’s Day, join me as I sign Reebok’s petition to make self-defence classes a reality for all young girls,” Malaika said.

The campaign unravels existing societal insights on violence and assault. It highlights, through a special video, how most people perceive bruises and marks on women to be a result of violence.

Reebok has made a petition on Change.org to make self-defence a mandatory part of school and college curriculum for female students. The aim is to send the petition to the Ministry of Women and Child Development.