T Cong leaders scared of Vijayamma tour: YSRCP

YSR Congress Party on Thursday objected to the disruption of its honourary president YS Vijayamma’s tour in the flood-hit areas of the Khammam district by the T activists. “The T-JAC and T-Congress leaders have resorted to this denigrating act as they are scared that the Samaikya Andhra sentiment may get strengthened and the T movement may lose its momentum,” party senior leader and political affairs committee member Bajireddy Govardhan told media persons here.

He said Vijayamma undertook the tour to meet the famers in the flood-affected areas and console them. “If you are so concerned about the Telangana, why are you allowing Chief Minister Kiran Kumar to move in the Telangana area? Why do you continue in the cabinet headed by Kiran who has claimed to be a protagonist of Samaikyandhra?” he asked the ministers Jana Reddy and Uttam Kumar Reddy.

“The tour is non-political. She is only intending to meet the flood victims and the farmers to know their suffering. She is not making any political statements during her tour. Where is the need to disrupt her tour,” he questioned and remarked. “Your action only exposes your lack of sincerity towards the problems of the farmers in the area.”

Bajireddy said the Government has abandoned the people’s welfare after the death of YSR and is not showing any inclination to help the victims of the Phailin cyclone and the recent rain fury now. “As a responsible opposition leader and leader of the YSRCLP, she is touring the flood hit areas. What is wrong in it?”

He said it is wrong on part of the T-JAC, Ministers and T-Congress leaders to provoke people in the name of Telangana and obstruct her tour. “She wants to raise the suffering of the farmers and the losses they have suffered in the recent floods in the next assembly session. It is wrong for you to give a political colour to Vijayamma tour,” he told them.

Asking the T-JAC and T-Congress leaders not to provoke the Telangana people, Govardhan said very soon party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will also undertake a tour across the state and appealed to the T congress leaders to cooperate.

Meanwhile, YSRCP leader Gattu Ramachandra Rao condemned the arrest of Vijayamma during her tour of the flood-hit areas in Khammam district. “It is the responsibility of the Government to elevate democracy and protect the democratic rights of the people. But the Government itself murdered the democracy in the state by getting Vijayamma arrested by the police,” Gattu told another press meet.

It is shameful on part of the Government to have prevented her from touring the flood-hit areas of the Nalgonda district by arresting her, he said, adding that the arrest was affected with the fear that Vijayamma may get a tremendous response from the Nalgonda district people as in Khammam district.

The arrest was made at the behest of CM Kiran Kumar Reddy who is determined to implement the bifurcation agenda of Congress president Sonia Gandhi in conspiracy with the ministers Jana Reddy and Uttam Kumar Reddy.

“It is not the people who obstructed the tour of Vijayamma but it is a few individuals and Goondas who resorted to the undemocratic act of disrupting her visit,” he said, adding the arrest was the most atrocious act committed by the Government.

The T Congress leaders are worried that their true colours will be exposed if Vijayamma undertakes the tour of the Telangana districts, he said and demanded the CM to dismiss both Jana Reddy and Uttam Kumar Reddy immediately from the Cabinet. (INN)