Syrian refugee decides to sue Facebook for allowing Robinson to make false accusation

Huddersfield: In an unusual case, a 16-year-old Syrian refugee decided to sue Facebook for allowing English Defence League Founder Tommy Robinson to make false accusations against him on its website.

According to the report published in Daily Mail, it was all started when two months back a footage went viral. In the footage, Robinson was seen attacking a Syrian refugee, Jamal at Almondbury Community School.

After the video went viral, Theresa May expressed worries over the attacks on refugees.

Soon, Robinson cocked a story and claimed that Jamal had terrified other classmates earlier.

In one of the video on Facebook, Robinson claimed that Jamal had physically assaulted a young girl.

After Robinson’s claim, Jamal started feeling insecure and fears that people would attack him believing the claim.

Keeping in view of all these development, it was decided to sue Facebook as it had allowed Robinson to spread false allegations.

It is also reported that Jamal’s solicitor, Tasnime Akunjee of Farooq Bajwa and Co Solicitors is preparing a legal case against Facebook.

It may be mentioned that the real name of Robinson is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. Robinson who had married Jenna Lennon lives in £950,000 house in a quaint Bedfordshire village.

Earlier, he was imprisoned for 6 months for mortgage fraud.

It may be noted that after the video of the attack went viral, many people donated around £150,000 to Jamal so that he and his family can leave Huddersfield.