Syrian pres. orders probe into deaths

Damascus, April 01: Syrian president has ordered to form a committee to probe the deaths of a number of civilians and security forces in the cities of Dara’a and Latakia, a report says.

Bashar al-Assad has ordered the Head of the High Judiciary Council on Thursday to form a committee to investigate the deaths of over 60 people during two weeks of unrest in the two cities.

The committee will conduct its work according to the valid laws and is entitled to turn to whoever it deems fit for help in the mission assigned to it, he said.

It also has the right to demand whatever information or documents from the bodies concerned, SANA — the Syrian Arab news agency — reported.

Minister of Justice Ahmad Younes, deputy chairman of the Higher Judiciary Council, issued resolution No. 905 dated March 31, 2011 on forming a special committee headed by General Prosecutor Taysir Awad.

The committee will immediately investigate all the events that claimed the lives of a number of civilian and military personnel in Dara’a and Lattakia provinces.

The committee will also look into ways to lift the emergency law that has been effective in the country for the last 48 years and is expected to complete the study before April 25.

On Wednesday, Assad warned that Syria is the target of a big plot from outside. He said enemies have taken advantage of the people’s legitimate demands to create division and undermine the country’s stability.