Syria: white helmets deserve for nobel prize

Syria: The worst humanitarian crisis in Syria, war, which has been going on since 2011 has completely devastated the country with millions of people displaced and nearly 400,000 people dead.

There is really no hope of these displaced refugees returning back to their country, considering the current crisis.

But, a group of White Helmets, nearly 3000 local volunteers are showcasing the true meaning of courage, sacrifice and patriotism to the world.

The White Helmets are local citizens who are students, engineers, merchants and farmers. They rush to the sites wherever bombing takes place and rescue the survivors who are left shocked and injured.

One can imagine how busy and dangerous the life of these self appointed volunteers can be in the context of ongoing crisis.

The Nobel Committee is readying to announce this year’s Nobel Prize for peace. In support of The White Helmets, Arab News has joined everyone around the world who have signed an online petition in support of Nobel peace prize for White Helmets.