Syria war: 129 killed in Blasts Damascus and Homs

At least 129 people have killed in a series of suicide bombs near a Shia shrine in Damascus and in Homs on a day the US and Russia claimed progress in securing a ceasefire to end the Syrian conflict.

Attacks at the shrine is said a car bomb and two suicide blasts, followed by two suicide attacks in the area which killed 83 people and left 178 others at Sayyida Zeinab shrine who is believed to contain the grave of a granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad and is particularly revered as a pilgrimage site by Shia faithful.

Nearly 60 shops were damaged and cars totally destroyed. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave a lower toll of 63 dead but said many of those wounded were in critical condition.

Similar incident took place at the end of January, which killed at least 70 people near the same shrine. The bombings is claimed by ISIL.

The Damascus blasts came just hours after a twin car bombing in Homs’ pro-government district of Al-Zahraa. In which at least 57 people are killed and dozens were wounded.

According to UN estimates 260,000 people were killed in the fighting in Syria which started as an unarmed uprising against Assad in March 2011.

Syria conflict has now became a serious Issue for the World. The conditions are growing worst day by day. Lots of human life and property has been lost due to the conflicts. Millions more have been displaced, having fled to neighbouring countries and Europe.