Symonds went missing from team hotel, reveals CA

Melbourne, June 05: Cricket Australia (CA) revealed controversial all-rounder Andrew Symonds had gone missing from the team hotel, prompting the management to throw him out of the Twenty20 World Cup squad for breach of discipline.

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Soon after the all-rounder was ordered home two days before the team’s opener against the West Indies following “alcohol-related incidents”, CA general manger of public affairs Peter Young provided partial detail about what exactly happened.

“Broadly speaking, he broke team rules. He broke team rules by going out when he wasn’t suppose to, by…leaving the hotel without advising where he had gone, all of that is in breach to team rules,” Young said.

Symonds, who has a history of violating team rules, was believed to have had a couple of drinks with team-mates while watching Queensland in the rugby league state in a breach of his rehabilitation programme prescribed by CA.

Whether that prompted the decision or something happened later when the Australian team went for a dinner hosted by the Professional Cricketers Association is not very clear but Young said it was the “final straw”.

“The concern we had is that it comes out of a long series of indiscretions and it was in breach of some very specific commitments he made before we approved that he can undertake this tour to England,” said Young.

“The indiscretion of itself was not major and if it had been any other player it would have been a disciplinary issue that would have happened and the world would have moved on without a hiccup,” he said.

Australian cricketers are required to get security clearance to leave the team hotel but obviously Symonds did not pay heed.

“I don’t know what was going through his head but all of the team and team management and support staff know what the rules are and everybody else manages to get them right,” Young said.

He also hinted following this latest indiscretion, it is unlikely Symonds’ contract, which ends on June 30, would be renewed.

“We’ve advised him that our willingness to offer him a contract for the next year is now on ice and we will need to resolve that in the next few days,” he said