Symbolic action against Jaish not enough: Pakistani daily

Islamabad : It is not enough for Pakistan to take “symbolic” action against the outlawed Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) after its attack on the IAF base in Pathankot, a Pakistani daily said on Sunday.

The Dawn also said that the talks between the two national security advisers “cannot and should not become a replacement for (a) true dialogue” between the two countries.

The daily was critical of the action – or the lack of it – by Islamabad against the JeM since it was accused by India of carrying out an audacious terror attack on the Indian Air Force station on January 2.

“In Pakistan, the symbolic closure of some centres and madrassas affiliated with the outlawed JeM is simply not enough,” it said.

“Had the Pathankot attackers been able to kill or injure more individuals or had aircraft been damaged, the crisis would have been of far greater magnitude. It is evident that spectacular carnage was the militants’ real intention.”

The Dawn urged Pakistan to pay urgent attention to spoilers who have emerged in recent days.

“Syed Salahuddin, the head of the United Jihad Council, appears determined to make a comeback in the public eye,” it said.

“This week, he condemned the partial crackdown on JeM – a condemnation that followed the UJC’s claim of responsibility for the Pathankot attack.

“What is the state doing to address the trouble that Syed Salahuddin is seeking to stir up?

“Surely, the time has come when public assertions of responsibility for terrorist attacks in another country can no longer be tolerated,” it said.

It added: “The national security adviser channel or secret communications between the Pakistani establishment and Indian intelligence cannot and should not become a replacement for true dialogue…

“Dialogue between Pakistan and India should be able to proceed in a climate free of intimidation and fear.”

Terrorists who New Delhi were Pakistanis sneaked into India and raided the IAF station killing seven Indian security personnel. Security forces killed all six attackers.

Pakistan has promised to act against the terrorists.