Syed Shah Hasan Shabbir Mohammed Al-Husaini new mutavalli of Dargah Yousufain

According to Chief Executive Officer Waqf Board Mohammed Asadullah the Waqf tribunal by issuing orders on September 3, announced that Mr. Faisal Ali Shah is no more mutavalli and sajjada nasheen of Dargah Hazrat Yousufain, Nampally.

According to Chief executive Officer the Board has recently made Mr. Abdul Fatah Syed Shah Hasan Shabbir Mohammed Al-Husaini as the mutavalli. Urs celebration will be held during September 20 to 22.

It must be noted that Faisal Ali Shah was suspended from his post on the charges of some irregularities in Waqf Board. Before the beginning of the Urs both the groups are trying to have sway over the Dargah.

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