Sword play proves fatal for youth

Hyderabad, September 30: A youngster displaying his mastery in sword play died of bleeding wounds during a religious procession at Kishan Bagh cross roads in Hyderabad on Monday night, police said.

Martial arts

Jaswinder Singh of Sikh Chawni was a member of a team which displayed a breathtaking sword play called ‘Gatka’ meaning display of martial arts. Jaswinder Singh (20) got separated from the team and sat down and within minutes other processionists noticed that he was bleeding profusely.

It was not clear as to whether he inflicted injuries on himself accidentally or by other team members participating in the sword play.

Jaswinder Singh was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was declared dead on arrival. Sikhs in Hyderabad organise the procession every year after Dasara from the Gurdwara in Gowliguda to Kishan Bagh.
Case registered

Police registered a case of suspicious death. Singh’s body was handed over to the relatives after an autopsy at Osmania General Hospital.