Swine Flu cases on the rise in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh

Jodhpur: 88 deaths have occurred between January 1 and February 5 due to swine flu in Rajasthan while 16 people have lost their lives in Himachal Pradesh.

Jodhpur district registered 26 deaths- the highest in the state. Total cases tested were 11,811 and positive cases were 2,522.

Swine Flu deaths in Himachal Pradesh are increasing each day. Elaborating upon the issue, the state’s health minister Vipan Singh Parmer said, “329 cases were tested and 213 were found positive for H1N1 influenza and total 16 deaths have been reported till date from January 1.”

Parmer further asserted that an awareness campaign has started in the state.

Swine flu cases generally rise in the winter season and a majority of people contract the disease in the month of December and January. Rajasthan is among the states, which has been reporting a large number of swine flu cases.

Swine flu is an infection caused by one of several swine influenza viruses (SIV), with the H1N1 strain being the most common across the country.

H1N1 virus spreads when an individual touches an infected person or breathes droplets of coughs and sneezes that are in the air.

Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Maharashtra are among the states that have been majorly affected by the viral respiratory condition.