Swimming coach ‘flogging’ girl student, video goes viral

AHMEDABAD: A video of a swimming coach showing purportedly flogging his girl student at the city-based Club has gone viral on social media.

In the 43-second video, the coach, identified as Hardik Patel, can be seen flogging the girl clad in swimming costume with a belt-like object. The coach in the video telling the second girl to step up. “Come here and stand straight, or I will kick you so hard that you will fall straight into the water,” he says. later, he whips her too.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening in front of the mother of one of the two girls are coached by Hardik, who was a national-level gold medallist in swimming. The concerned parents said that they had no complaint and have given a “free hand” to the coach. “We do not have any problem with the conduct of the coach. He was doing his work. He did not hit anyone.”

The president of the Rajpath Club, Jagdish Patel, ordered an inquiry into the incident. According to the Club’s internal inquiry, it revealed that the coach whipped the girls with the neck cord of his whistle, TOI reported.