Sweet moment of motherhood faces ‘sweet’ challenge

New Delhi [India]: Birth of a baby may be a sweet moment but changing life style of women is posing ‘sweet’ challenge to it.

Diabetes in women during pregnancy is emerging as a major health challenge in India. The number of such women is rising unabated. But safe motherhood and birth of normal babies from such women are still not difficult provided due precaution and life style change is observed to avert mishaps related to the condition.

It calls for the intervention of life style educator and fertility experts. The ensuing pregnancy awareness week should be an occasion to spread awareness for diabetic mothers to be.

A baby born of course is a bundle of joy but the process of motherhood is fraught with risks. They compound if pregnant women are diabetic.

Lest love’s labour is lost due to this sugary disorder, a nuanced approach is called for in such condition. Gynaecologists and obstetricians’ say that safe motherhood in such women and their infants’ health entails a number of measures to be taken.

Dr. Dharna Gupta, Associate Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Aakash Healthcare, said, “To make ‘labour pain’ worth its salt and to avert any sad event, a ‘mother to be’ always needs to be cautious, all the more so when she is diabetic. Women who are overweight, or have family history of diabetes are more prone to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Such women should get screened for gestational diabetes in their early pregnancy.”

“Babies born to mothers with pre-gestational diabetes may have problems with breathing, low glucose levels and jaundice etc. But proper medical attention and planning the risk of these problems can be minimised. There are guidelines for healthy pregnancy for diabetic women,” she added.

Dr. Gupta also said, “Women with diabetes can do much to promote healthy pregnancy and deliver a normal baby. Even before becoming pregnant, women with diabetes should get their blood sugar under control three to six months before they conceive to reduce the risk of birth defects. Pregnant women can help control gestational diabetes by eating healthy and nutritious food, doing light exercises, meditation and follow certain medication, if required. Taking good care of yourself can ensure a healthy pregnancy for you and a healthy start for your baby.”

One in seven young pregnant women in urban India is diagnosed with gestational diabetes – a condition that occurs during pregnancy and usually disappears after the baby is born. The number of such diabetic pregnant women is on the rise unabated, thanks to life style change. (ANI)