Swati Lakra advice netizens to utilise technology in positive ways

Hyderabad: Social networking offers an easy way to meet people and it has a huge impact on the youth. To avoid misuse of social media that can trigger tensions additional commissioner of police (Crime) Swathi Lakra has given few pieces of advice to the netizens.

she said. “Avoid circulating controversial messages and rumours, to avoid consequences.”

She added. “Messaging apps are assisting us in communication like sending photos, videos, voice notes and chatting. In an emergency, such apps are more helpful to mobile users than other communication systems”.

In order to bring the awareness among the youth, Lakra has given few tips to avoid the problems involved with social media.
She said.”Avoid taking pictures of others at parties or public places without their permission. Sharing of such pictures on social media/Whatsapp without the prior consent of such individuals is a crime under the IT Act and IPC.”
” Avoid uploading others’ photos, like that of celebrities as DP/profile pic.”
“Avoid spreading controversial messages and circulating rumours and messages that are critical of others, both individuals as well as religions”.
she added.”Whatsapp has become the means for spreading such rumours now”.
Avoid believing any information shared on Whatsapp without cross-checking with proper sources. Avoid sharing any voice conversations between office staff and boss to friends and others.