Swara Bhasker on Pehlu Khan lynching judgment

Mumbai: Actress Swara Bhasker who is famous for speaking her mind on various socio-political issues, expressed her views on Pehlu Khan lynching judgment.

On her Twitter account, the actress wrote, “Utterly Shameful! This is a lynching that was caught on camera!!! We live in a state of utter anarchy it seems.. the law, the constitution, even evidence it seems are meaningless. Dark dark times!! #PehluKhan”.

It may be mentioned that on Wednesday, the Alwar Sessions Court had acquitted all six accused in the case.

The hearing of the case was completed on 7th August. Out of the nine accused of the case, three are minors. Minors were granted bail earlier.

Pehlu Khan

Pehlu Khan, aged 55, was a resident of Nuh District, Haryana. He was lynched on 1st April 2017 when he was transporting cattle in a van. He died in a government hospital on 3rd April 2017.  

The incident was recorded on camera too. The court was apparently not satisfied with the video evidence.