Swara Bhaskar accuses BJP MP of ‘liking’ indecent comment

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar on Tuesday accused BJP MP Lallu Singh of liking a comment threatening to rape her. The BJP MP apologized for it and replied calling it an ‘inadvertent’ mistake.

Actress Swara Bhaskar posted images of an obscene tweet threatening digital rape along with another image of the BJP MP liking the abusive tweet. Claiming that such a behaviour didn’t behove an MP, the actress told the MP that he was encouraging disgraceful behaviour by endorsing those who harass women and depict the mentality of a rapist and showing his approval of what is considered sexually abusive content according to the cyberlaw.

As reported by The Hindu, minutes later the MP replied with an apology. Pleading innocence he replied that it was an inadvertent mistake committed while scrolling down on his phone.

65-year-old, Lallu Singh is BJP’s MP from Faizabad.