Swamy’s Maldives remark his personal view: Govt

New Delhi: The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Sunday said that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy’s tweets about invading the Maldives were his personal views and not the government’s.

“Opinion expressed by Dr Swamy in his tweet is personal. It does not reflect the view of Government of India,” read the statement.

Taking to his Twitter handle on August 22, Swami labelled Maldivian President Yameen Abdulla Gayoom a “usurper,” and said, “In Colombo today I had a chance meet with Fmr Maldive President Naseed. He is apprehensive of gross rigging in their forthcoming election. India cannot allow that as a neighbour and also since current usurper President Yamin has humiliated Indians recently. We need an action plan.”

“India should invade the Maldives if rigging of election takes place,” Swami added.

Earlier today, Swamy defended his comments by saying that India should invade the Maldives “if” there is rigging in their elections. “Why is the present Govt of Maldives upset by my “If then” statement that if Maldive’s Sept 24th general election is rigged then India should invade that nation? Already Indians in that nation are fearing reprisals. We have to protect our citizens,” Swamy tweeted.

Indo-Maldives ties have been strained recently over the political situation in the island nation, coming in the backdrop of reports suggesting that hundreds of work visas had been denied to Indians by the Maldives.

The Indian government has recently called upon the Maldivian government to allow democratic institutions to work in a transparent manner.