Swachh Bharat app launched

New Delhi: A Swachh Bharat app was today launched at the National Museum here which would soon be rolled out for 116 ASI monuments across the country with the help of which visitors would be able to report garbage on the premises.

Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma launched the app at the National Museum where 30 galleries have already been equipped with a device that uses the intranet to connect to the app.

In the next couple of months, 116 monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) would be installed with this device which can be connected to the app using blutooth.

The visitors at the monuments can through the app report to the ministry any litter or garbage on the premises.

“The app can be downloaded on an ordinary phone and as you enter the premises and switch on the bluetooth, it will continuously relay Swachh Bharat-related information to you and also ask you to report any garbage around you,” Sharma said.

“Every such device has a range of about 30 metres. This has been done to ensure that the person uploading and sending photos is inside the premises of the museum or the monuments.

We didn’t want to keep it open for all as then we might receive photos of other sites which are not under our control,” Narendra Kumar Sinha, Secretary, Culture Ministry said.

The app is available for Android mobile phones and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.