Swach Bharat, Swach Telangana & Swach Hyderabad schemes are only hypocrisy

Swach Bharat, Swach Telangana and Swach Hyderabad are the beautiful names to listen. Last year, Govt. of Telangana had launched Swach Telangana programme on a grand scale. People were expecting that once again cleanliness programme would be started as was done earlier during TDP regime.

Govt. of Telangana had constituted 400 Swach Committees. Politicians, Filmstars and the members of various voluntary organizations were seen cleaning the roads. Videos taken and films were made. After a few days, everything disappeared. In the old city, there are heaps of garbage spread on the roads. Despite spending Rs. 200 nothing has happened. It was all hypocrisy.

Siasat News