Suspense over early polls or not in state, Focus on KCR’s announcement

Hyderabad: Will he or will he not ?. This million dollar question is plaguing the minds of all sections of people, especially political parties, about Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao clearing the suspense surrounding early elections in Telangana State during his address at the Pragati Nivedana Sabha on Sunday.

Thus all eyes are focussed on the Pragati Nivedana Sabha, billed as mother of all rallies in the country with participation of an estimated 25-lakh people, to be held on a sprawling 1600 acre land at Kongara Kanal near Ibrahimpatnam on the outskirts of the city. KCR and his cabinet colleagues besides party MPs, MLAs and other leaders have left no stone unturned to ensure a resounding success of the rally as a show of strength of the pink brigade in facing any challenge at the ensuing battle royal.

The venue of the rally has virtually turned into a mini pink township with hoardings, cut-outs, banners and flags of TRS adoring the entire area. Even the roads leading to the venue from various points and also from the GHMC limits have turned pink with the ruling party’s flags and buntings.

While all arrangements for the rally has been put in place as meticulously planned, tension seem to have also gripped the TRS leaders and cadre as KCR is expected to not only make an announcement concerning early polls but also with regard to the nomination of party candidates. The pulse rate of sitting members, especially those who had defected to TRS from other parties, besides scores of aspirants for party tickets, began to shoot up after the Chief Minister got prepared appraisal reports about their performance in their respective Assembly segments. This exercise was basically intended to identify the winning horses amongst the sitting members who have gained the confidence of the electorate with their services.

Thus against this backdrop Sunday’s rally has attained keen attention and great political importance. Also the reported meeting of the State Cabinet hours before the commencement of the Pragati Nivedana Sabha further heightened speculations about early elections. It is pertinent to note here that a Cabinet decision is imperative for recommending to the Governor for dissolution of the Assembly, which has to be done before September 10 for the polls to take place in Telangana in December along with four other states. Is the Chief Minister planning to seeking the cabinet’s approval for dissolving the Assembly so that he could make an announcement at the rally tomorrow?

Here one cannot ignore the fact that dissolution of Assembly alone is not enough for advancing the elections. There are many nitty gritty technical and legal issues to be resolved in accordance with the Election Commission norms. Also the State Assembly has to be convened for a brief session before it is dissolved. One cannot ignore the fact that the deadline for recommending dissolution of the Assembly is September 10. Thus if KCR is keen on advancing the elections in the state, all the above mentioned formalities have to be completed at breakneck speed.

Hence the Pragati Nivedana Sabha has assumed an all-time importance and interest among all sections of the people as to whether the Chief Minister would announce early elections or will there be an anti-climax to the entire early poll drama.

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