Suspense continues on Ministry formation, January may not see New Ministers

Hyderabad: Thirty-six days after the election of new State Assembly members, suspense continued even on Thursday over the formation of the Ministry, as there were no indication about the swearing-in of the new Cabinet members.

There was speculation about four days back that the first phase of Ministry formation will be affected on January 18, after the swearing-in of the Members on January 17. The swearing-in of members was completed today, but there was a hint till this evening about Ministry-formation.

This means, there will be no swearing-in ceremony on January 18. The Legislative Assembly session will come to an end of January 20, after adoption of a motion thanking the Governor for his address to the both houses of Legislature, which is slated for January 19. By all means, the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao appears to be not in a mood to finalise the Ministry formation, even the first phase of it, in the next two, three days.

Now, it appears that the cabinet making will be only after the end of Panchayat raj elections, and the new Ministers may take oath only in February. According to astrologers, presently there are no auspicious days till February first week, and this might have forced the Chief Minister to put-off the Ministry formation.

The chief Minister is stated to be facing a difficult situation in selecting a Ministers, as there are as many as 88 members were elected on TRS ticket, while the Ministerial berths available are only 16, apart from the posts of Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Government Chief Whip. There are also many aspirants for the Minister posts, some in view of their seniority and others on the basis of community. Representation to women is also a point. Some of the aspirants are stated to be undergoing tension, in view of the stiff competition and the large number of claimants.

All indications show that there are no chances of Ministry formation in the next one week or ten days, and it may take place only during next month; and the aspirants will have to wait till then.