Suspected fragments of MH 370 found on island near Mauritius

Port-Louis: Suspected fragments of Malaysian Airline’s missing MH 370 flight has been found by a French couple on Rodrigues Island, an autonomous region of the Republic of Mauritius.

According to local reports, the couple found the fragments on March 30 and informed the hotel manager of their discovery. The latter reported the matter to the local police, according to Xinhua.

The news and pictures of the alleged MH 370 fragments was on many social networks but up to now authorities in Mauritius have not made any statement in relation to that.

There has been no search operation yet launched by the Mauritian government.

The fragments as described are interior parts of a plane but whether it is the same as the MH 370 cannot be ascertained.

Airplane debris was earlier found in Reunion Island, near Mauritius, and on the coastal region of Mozambique and now Rodrigues Island, an outer island some 500 kms northeast of Mauritius.

The Indian Ocean has been subject to many searches during the past months.